Engagement Rings

The engagement ring is a declaration of love and commitment, it should be as unique as you are. We discuss style, wishes and lifestyle to ensure we make rings which you will cherish forever.  We can make almost anything. If you are looking to make the ring classic, modern, diamond or gemstone, with heirloom elements or repurposing old gold into a new ring... We are happy to help.  Working one on one with the client allows us to provide the best service.

Choosing Your Perfect Diamond

When it comes to diamonds there are a lot of choices and information out there, it can be confusing at first, a lot of people can get caught up with which quality report is better and what is acceptable and what is not and we are happy to help you figure it all out.  Although we are a small workshop we have access to some of the world’s finest diamonds, and we want you to be fully informed about the diamond that is right for you.  The main stones we see are Round Brilliant, Princess cut and Cushion cut.  All diamonds need to be seen before you buy. No certificate can communicate the true beauty of a stone. The grading system for diamonds is straightforward, but how it is interpreted is not.  So buying based on grading only is not recommended. We always bring in stones specific to each customer’s needs. Then, we look at the diamonds first with the unaided eye, and then the microscope, explaining and showing the differences as we go. Once we select the stone that works best, we have it independently appraised. The majority of our stones are certified by the world’s leading laboratories.  The main goal is to have you happy with the diamond you have chosen and know you are getting an accurately graded stone.

Custom Wedding Bands

With the wedding band being worn all day everyday no other ring gets more noticed, it should reflect your style and be comfortable to wear.  Making it in house allows us to control the quality and details.

Choosing Your Perfect Material

At Precision Jewellery Manufacturing, we work with 12 different metal types in-house and can purchase or custom configure more options. The things you need to consider when choosing materials are durability, color of metal, and any allergies. The metals we use are all designed to be worn as jewellery. We will discuss the differences to ensure you will be satisfied with your selection for a lifetime.

Contact Precision Jewellery Manufacturing for a consultation, or with any questions or comments you might have. Thank you for visiting Precision Jewellery Manufacturing. We look forward to making your dream a reality.